Friday, June 17, 2016

Skype for Outlook Goes Global

Microsoft Corp has launched Skype for its Webmail service Outlook to allow users to engage in video, voice and text chat straight from their inboxes.

Microsoft introduced the feature that help integrate Skype into Outlook nearly one year ago, and today this Skype version has officially been introduced for users worldwide. To enable the feature, users just need to download and install the plug-in, link your Skype account to Outlook and start a video call or send a message without leaving the Outlook inbox.

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Additionally, an updated version of the browser plug-in now supports the Internet browser Safari in Mac OS X. The updated version lets users make high-definition video calls, provided that they have compatible HD displays, Web cam, messaging clients, and high-quality broadband Internet connection.

Skype for supports both video calls and instant messaging, is expected to bring great convenience to Outlook users because they do not have to leave your inbox page to chat Skype with friends as before.

Besides the launch of users, this version is also fix some bugs still existing in the previous Preview. That’s the fault off calling bell that continues to ring even if you have answered the call. This error occurs when you use both Skype application the desktop and plugin at the same time.

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Microsoft’s Hotmail Gets A Makeover

Microsoft recently gave Hotmail, its free Webmail service, a major makeover with many new features like fully supported metro interface, integrated social network such as Facebook and Twitter. The new email service placed in the domain. Users can not only change Hotmail to Outlook but also own the email address that ends in @

Outlook includes 4 tabs: Mail, People, Calendar and SkyDrive.

The Outlook is designed with elegant interface that helps users easily read with a few ad displayed.

Outlook can sync with Facebook and Twitter account, allowing you to import/ export your contacts and photos right in the email.

To use Outlook, Microsoft provides you two options: change the name from the old Hotmail address or create a new Outlook address.

With the first option, log into your Hotmail account, then click on the link to rename, enter the email address with the new extension, and click Save. All the contents of the old Hotmail as contacts, photos, Office documents on SkyDrive will be transferredin turn to the new Outlook.

The second options is made by clicking the Sign up button on the homepage Enter the information as required and click “I accept” to complete the registration process.