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Delete Hotmail Account 2016

Hotmail email id or the email id is Outlook is an email account sign up and free to use. For a reason that you don't want to use hotmail anymore and you want to delete it permanently, then consider few things and perform the steps below
When you permanently delete your Hotmail account, you will lose all your email, contacts and calendar. You need to be sure to keep all the personal information as well as the job before deleting your account permanently. 
Further, if you delete the Hotmail account that you will lose all your files from OneDrive, the information Office of the Microsoft login, take Skype and your Xbox and you can't get them back after a certain period of time. If you have money or credit in your Hotmail account, then you will lose it, you use up all the money before the reduction of the Hotmail account. 
Let people know where to contact you right now-after. When you delete the Hotmail account that you can set an automatic reply for mail users to you within 60 days. Create an automatic reply and tell people where you can contact more.
your product key of the device that you purchase, the application you have purchased will be removed after you delete a Hotmail email account. You will also lose all the information stored in Microsoft e-mail through Hotmail.
After reading and learn techniques for carefully the information that still want to permanently delete the Hotmail account, then follow the steps below: 
You first sign in to your Hotmail account 

Then you Click on the name or picture of you above the right corner of the screen, you enter the account settings section
Step 1: 
You will get into a Hotmail account setup page with many options. There will be a list of the tab with the name of "Home" to "your info" etc in the last tab in the list along there, "security and privacy" on it.
Step 2: 
There will be two options, to "account security" and "online safety" and "security account list has" more security options "click that.
Step 3: will ask you to verify through a security code. You will get the number of your mobile phone or your email. Enter the code when you receive.
On the security settings page, scroll down to the bottom side, you will see an option "close your account".

Step 4: would ask you to make sure your id Hotmail is ready to close. Click on the button next.

Step 5: 
You will be required to mark many check boxes require that you read and understand the consequences of deleting the account. And you will also be asked to answer why you want to delete your Hotmail account. Click next after you check all the boxes.

Step 6: 
A message will inform you can open your Hotmail account back within 60 days. Click done.
Step 7: 
Now your Hotmail account will be deleted. If you change your mind within the next 60 days, you can open it again. If not then your Hotmail e-mail will be permanently

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=>>  Skype for Outlook Goes Global

Friday, June 17, 2016

Skype for Outlook Goes Global

Microsoft Corp has launched Skype for its Webmail service Outlook to allow users to engage in video, voice and text chat straight from their inboxes.

Microsoft introduced the feature that help integrate Skype into Outlook nearly one year ago, and today this Skype version has officially been introduced for users worldwide. To enable the feature, users just need to download and install the plug-in, link your Skype account to Outlook and start a video call or send a message without leaving the Outlook inbox.

===>>> How to Set a Password to Protect your Outlook Data File

Additionally, an updated version of the browser plug-in now supports the Internet browser Safari in Mac OS X. The updated version lets users make high-definition video calls, provided that they have compatible HD displays, Web cam, messaging clients, and high-quality broadband Internet connection.

Skype for supports both video calls and instant messaging, is expected to bring great convenience to Outlook users because they do not have to leave your inbox page to chat Skype with friends as before.

Besides the launch of users, this version is also fix some bugs still existing in the previous Preview. That’s the fault off calling bell that continues to ring even if you have answered the call. This error occurs when you use both Skype application the desktop and plugin at the same time.

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Microsoft’s Hotmail Gets A Makeover

Microsoft recently gave Hotmail, its free Webmail service, a major makeover with many new features like fully supported metro interface, integrated social network such as Facebook and Twitter. The new email service placed in the domain. Users can not only change Hotmail to Outlook but also own the email address that ends in @

Outlook includes 4 tabs: Mail, People, Calendar and SkyDrive.

The Outlook is designed with elegant interface that helps users easily read with a few ad displayed.

Outlook can sync with Facebook and Twitter account, allowing you to import/ export your contacts and photos right in the email.

To use Outlook, Microsoft provides you two options: change the name from the old Hotmail address or create a new Outlook address.

With the first option, log into your Hotmail account, then click on the link to rename, enter the email address with the new extension, and click Save. All the contents of the old Hotmail as contacts, photos, Office documents on SkyDrive will be transferredin turn to the new Outlook.

The second options is made by clicking the Sign up button on the homepage Enter the information as required and click “I accept” to complete the registration process.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Create Yahoo account

Interested in social media, you need to contact stockings friends and others around the internet. Surely you would know to Yahoo, it is a social networking application is very popular in every age as well as familiar to everyone. If you want to have an account for himself to read and follow the steps in the article below our.

Create Account Yahoo

Lots of features does not require you to create a Yahoo account - for example, anyone can read the news on Yahoo whether they have an account or not. But setting up a Yahoo account does come with some perks, including:

  • Free email account with 1TB of storage
  • The username for the Yahoo Messenger
  • Personally newsfeed
  • Option to create a stock watch list in Yahoo Finance
  • The ability to store and share photos on Flickr
  • And even more

Create an account on Yahoo is very quick and easy to do. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process step by step.

Create a Yahoo account

First, using any web browser on your PC, Mac or mobile device and go to the homepage of Yahoo at You can also just search for "Yahoo" in the search engines your favorite. The site will look a bit different as the news headlines change, but in general it looks something like this.

No clear button on the home page to create a new Yahoo! account. Instead, you must click on the "Login" button at the top right (counter-intuitive, I know).

This will take you to the sign of Yahoo in page, which is where you go to log into your Yahoo! account after you have finished setting it up. At the bottom of this page is an option to "Sign up" for a new account. Click on the "Sign Up".

This will take you to the actual registration form, which is pretty self-explanatory. You will have to enter some personal information, such as first and last name, date of birth, gender, and mobile phone number.

This is also where you will select your Yahoo username, which will be your Yahoo email address. Needless to say, your user name can not be done by anyone else. Many people want to include some portion of their name in their Yahoo username so they can easily be recognized by touch, but many common names would be done already. If this happens to you, you can try adding some to come up with a unique user name for your Yahoo account.

You'll also need to choose a password to log into your new Yahoo account. Try to choose a strong password with a mixture of characters that would be difficult for others to guess but easy for you to remember.

When you're done, click on the purple button "Create Account". You are a new Yahoo account is ready to go! You will be redirected in a few seconds to Yahoo's site to your new tune.

Create Account Yahoo - Yahoo is one of the most popular sites of all time, and it has proven itself over the years as a great platform for email and chat, as well as a search engine and portal news, sports, finance, entertainment, just about anything you can imagine.
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sign In AOL

We will bring you the most interesting articles related to hotmail. There are times when bjan encounter many problems when using Hotmail. Please refer to our article to know more. Then it will have many benefits for you and those around you.

Here's how to log on to AOL:

  • 1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet and open a web browser (eg Internet Explorer).
  • 2. In the web address bar, type in: This will take you to the AOL site, where you can read the news, check the weather, etc.
  • 3. Upper right corner of the screen, there is a button that says "Login / Register". Click this button to go to the AOL sign in page.
  • 4. Day is where you start to have these options: The easiest thing to do is enter your username or email address AOL in the first box and your AOL password in the second box. If you link your AOL account to some other email or social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google (Gmail) or Yahoo, you can sign in with one click by click appropriate button at the bottom of the seal in the box. As long as you're logged into a different account on your computer, you will be automatically logged into AOL.
  • 5. That's it! You are logged on to AOL and can access your email and AIM Messenger

Sign AOL - America Online (AOL) pioneered the free email service for average Americans, and although it is not common as it used to be, it's still going strong and hold a position in the hearts of many people. AOL allows users to access the latest news, sports headlines, the financial instruments and the weather on its home page, in addition to the classic AOL email that has been completely updated in 21 st World sign. Many of these can be accessed without the need to log into your account, but if you want to access your email or use AOL AIM message to keep in touch with friends and family, you will need to log on to AOL first. Sign in is very easy and you have many options as to how to do it, depending on how you initially set up your AOL account.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Farewell, Hotmail: Microsoft previews, ending longtime webmail brand

"We will have a clean story through Microsoft to how you receive mail," Dharmesh Mehta Microsoft said. "By mail from Microsoft Outlook."

The move is the latest effort by Microsoft to combat the rise of Gmail. Hotmail has long been the largest webmail service in the world, but Google's email service has been climbing quickly. According to comScore Networks worldwide market share of Hotmail fell 4 percent in the last year, slipped to 324 million users in June, while Gmail increased 17 percent to 278 million users in the same time period, .

Hotmail for years was synonymous with spam, and although Microsoft has made significant progress on that front, the Hotmail brand continues to be hampered by a history that in the minds of many users.

The change from the Hotmail brand is part of a trend for Microsoft's online group, which also ended the use of the name "Windows Live" for its online services.

The emergence of Gmail emphasizes the role of services growing in shaping consumer technologies used by businesses. The development of Google Gmail helped intrusion in the online productivity applications, such as those who have a Google Account through the storage, handling documents and spreadsheet applications based on web search giant - poses a threat of serious competition Microsoft Office franchise profitable.

The new is more than a rebranding of Hotmail. I tested it out before the public view, and as someone who has frequently struggled with clutter of Hotmail interface, new experience was refreshing. The changes in the web interface starts with simple top menu bar provides a consistent way to access the various tools and commands. The rest of the interface has been cleaned and simplified.

Overall, feels more like an application than a web page - far from a new approach in the industry, but still a step up from Hotmail.


Users can chat with friends on Facebook and start calling on the services of the Microsoft Skype from within Integrated services with online storage service SkyDrive from Microsoft. Address book to connect to services such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn to create a universal directory of contacts of the user. The Word, Excel and PowerPoint web app is also integrated into for the opening and editing of documents.
Email, calendar and contacts from will sync with Windows 8 when people use a Microsoft account to sign in to the new version of Windows. Microsoft says interface should work well on different screen sizes, and the touch screen or keyboard.

The standard display ads in Hotmail has been replaced by the text-based ads in the right sidebar of can display when someone surfing on them - a new ad format Microsoft is launching. Microsoft said the ads will not appear on the given time when it does not make sense, such as when a user is reading or reply to a message from someone in their address book.

From a privacy perspective, Microsoft is also continuing its promised that algorithms will not use the contents of personal e-mail messages to help advertisers target, an area in which the company has sought to publicly pulled out of Google's advertising practices.
Users will have the option of switching to @ email address new public preview today launched, or they can keep their existing @hotmail or email address @live. They can still use the old Hotmail interface in the preview, but eventually Microsoft will upgrade the whole service.
"We really want a mail from Microsoft," Mehta said. "We think it is useful to simplify."


At the same time, he acknowledged the branding challenges faced by Hotmail. "For some people, it is not about," I'll have to "It is," I'll put on my resume @hotmail? ' ", He said. But when it comes to @, he added," people love the brand.

The company today launched a new email service called, which will replace Hotmail when it is released in its final form. The new interface tools, streamlined proven easier to use than Hotmail in my initial testing.

That was the end of an era for the famous (and sometimes infamous) Hotmail service. Hotmail Web-based e-mail pioneer before acquired by Microsoft in 1997. While the move to, Microsoft's online team will leverage the brand of software Outlook widely used by the company, while seeking to bring email service their consumers in the modern world of tablets, smartphones and other devices.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hotmail mailbox is replaced by Outlook is Microsoft's latest overhaul for webmail. Metro interface system looks light and compact, so the number of messages displayed increased 30% and Microsoft also restrict the advertising account for the region.

Microsoft recently announced a completely new webmail service with modern interface and the ability to support users to track updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google ... even in the mail.

The new interface is simple, clear and succinct.
Nearly a decade ago, former Hotmail e-mail service top. But after Google introduced Gmail and Yahoo are constantly being improved, Hotmail took the number one spot.

Updated information from social networks.
"We recognize the need to make a definitive step, pass and gives users a new service," Chris Jones, a member of the development team's blog said Microsoft Outlook.

Another notable change is the integration of social networks. E-mail instead of regular mail, users can view the contents of Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. Microsoft also bring Skype into Outlook and provides the same functionality as Google Talk in Gmail.

Chat Skype in Outlook.
In addition, Outlook also contains the activities on the web version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote with SkyDrive to store attachments through.

Although changing the service, Hotmail users can still retain their address @ such, @, @ the contacts list and set before switching to the new service.
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Gmail from Google, Hotmail from Microsoft - A comparison of email services

Based on the comparison below, you will feel a lot of Gmail is hands-down winner ... and you may be right. But remember Hotmail has a large number of subscribers can be many times more than Gmail (Gmail view usage statistics for details). Anyway, let me know which of the services that you prefer.

Note: The Internet is a fast moving large "blob". The information presented here is accurate at the time of writing, but it certainly will change in the near future. If you discover an item that needs to be modified, please let me know via the feedback form at the bottom of the page.
Google and Hotmail - how they handle the launch
The launch of Google's Gmail and Hotmail are memorable in the history of the site, creating a lot of noise.

When Hotmail was announced on July 4, 1996 (American Independence Day), it is probably the first service provider of web-based email accounts for free which can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet-connected computer; launch date represents a "freedom" from ISP-based email. In less than 2 years, Hotmail has 8.5 million subscribers and was acquired by Microsoft for $ 400 million. Hotmail MSN Hotmail has been renamed and is now known as Windows Live Hotmail.
The launch of Gmail from Google on April 1, 2004 (April Fools) has actually been regarded as a silly joke by many because of the sheer size of the storage space on offer - 1GB (one gigabyte) - when the contest is offered only a small fraction (2 to 10MB) about that. In addition, Google launched Gmail gradually, through the use of invitation can be sent only to the prospects of the current account holder. In this way, companies can monitor and improve the services and avoid a big crash your web server by a surge of subscribers rushing in to sign up for a free email account.
Comparison - Gmail free email account from Google and Hotmail
Now let's start with the comparison, however, remember that many features can not be quantified, for example, "easy to use" or intuitiveness of the interface. In addition, the following list is in no way "completed". input and your suggestions are always welcome.

  • Hotmail Gmail Service
  • 7.2GB of storage space and increase daily 5GB
  • Attachment size 20MB 10MB
  • Email forwarding Have Only Hotmail account or other
  • POP access Yes No - but the upcoming (?)
  • Update: Free POP access Hotmail has started in some countries.
  • IMAP access Yes No
  • email can be downloaded? Gmail email can be downloaded via many popular email clients to download email from Hotmail account is only through Windows Live Mail. Hotmail in Outlook Express and Windows Mail has been discontinued or may be patchy.
  • Update: With POP access is not available, email Hotmail can be downloaded using any email program supports the Post Office Protocol
  • Folder to store spam Yes Yes
  • Autoreplies Yes Yes - autoreply vacation in Hotmail
  • Custom create folders No Yes - great for organizing your email. Read Hotmail folder for more information.
  • Filter Yes - Reference Gmail filter Yes
  • Themes - customize interface Yes - There Gmail themes - Learn more about how to personalize and customize the theme via Hotmail

  • Disable if not used 9 months 120 days
  • Rich-text email sectors Yes - also provide ASCII format on the basic HTML version Yes
  • Spellcheck Yes Yes
  • Anti-Virus to scan incoming messages Yes Yes - Trend Micro virus scan
  • Contact lists Yes Yes
  • Email signatures Yes - Learn how to create Gmail email signature Yes - Reference Signature Hotmail
  • Languages ​​supported 52 35
  • The version number 2 - Basic HTML for slower connections and standard version - more about Gmail version. first
  • Mobile access Yes Yes
  • Search email Yes Yes
  • Integration with other services there - key for multiple Google products Yes - your passport to services
  • Advertising on the interface Yes - No text ads - ads are mounted at the bottom of outgoing emails. Some users mentioned banner at the top to see ... Advertisers can target geography.
  • Ease of use there - although the concept of labels can be confusing at first there
  • Basic GUI layout and clarity Elegant
  • The name of the service Gmail - Google Mail in the UK and Germany Windows Live Mail (formerly known as MSN Hotmail)
  • There is a paid version? Yes - Google Enterprise Yes - Hotmail Plus
  • Thumbmail view images Yes Yes - well, sort of
  • File Storage - learn more about Gmail storage. Not

Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Hotmail are the web based service providers free email very popular in the world. Although Gmail is a relatively new (almost 8 years younger than Hotmail), it was able to collect a good amount of market share from the two leaders, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail - reference usage statistics Gmail for details.
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Change the password for your Hotmail account

With the difficulties that are encountered hotmail users. We are always trying to learn and give the best solution to share with everyone. If you or those around you care about her hotmail consult the writing on our website.
Why you should change your Hotmail password?
There are many reasons why you want to change the Hotmail account passwords.
Current password is "weak"
If the current password is not very intuitive (such as your spouse's name), you should seriously think about changing it's something that can not be guessed right in a few tries. Drizzle password with the generous assistance of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and symbols will lead to a password "strong".
Your account has been hacked
You may find a convenient activity in your account. Maybe someone was kind enough to inform you, or it's simply a hunch ... anything! If you feel your Hotmail account was hacked, you immediately need to change your password (as long as it is not modified have been - a little fear any help, yeah?)
Passwords leaked
Have you been careless with passwords and leave it lying around for prying eyes? Well, it's time to do something about it.
Setting a new password for your Hotmail account
To set up a new Hotmail password, log into your account and go to Settings (also known as the "Options"). Click the first link - "View and edit your personal information" - under the Manage Your Account topic.

This will take you to your account settings at Now click on the "Change" link next to "Password" under "Password reset information" group.

All you are set up to assign a new password for your Hotmail account and need to fill in only three form fields. The first one requires the old password (to set up your user is actually) and two others you must enter a new password. Hotmail allows you to have numbers and symbols in addition to upper and lower case alphabet to make good use of this. Make your password as complex as possible, but not so much that you can not recall it. Password strength bar will guide you about the power of "creative" your. When finished, click "Save".

Hotmail has a neat feature of reminding you to change your password every 72 days. Check the box next to "Make my password expire every 72 days" will result in you getting a warning to change the account password for added security.
Remember, the safety of your account your Hotmail and is in your own hands. Create a not-easily guessed passwords and change them often will help protect you from hacked accounts and steal important information
Hotmail password is like a key to your account. It is extremely important that you keep it safe and secure because over time you can store sensitive information and important in your account. Many security advisers often suggest changes login password to prevent account hacking and theft of personal information and business.
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Load Hotmail inbox directly - skip the MSN Today page

With many quality articles, solving puzzling problems that users encounter when using Hotmail. Our website is trying to spread more, grow and have many articles for you.
If for any reason, you want to return to MSN Today page, you can change the options for the Today page settings according to Hotmail.

MSN Today page is what?
MSN's pages Today screen with images and links of today's happenings that Hotmail (Windows Live Hotmail or, if you prefer) that might interest you. Links and images that you see on this page are targeted to your profile (age and your preference) and geographic location. So if you're in America, you might see a completely different set of images and links on the MSN Today page than what was shown to me in India - see picture below .

I must admit, the association certainly attention grabbing, and so are the pictures. Occasionally, I have clicked on a link for more information, but the pictures, especially the one of the main large, often with a scantily clad nymphet in a typical "look-over-of- I "pose. I do not push back (definitely a strong word) with the image as such, but certainly do not want them to change my Hotmail inbox. And if you feel like me, I know! Below are instructions on how to get rid of the MSN Today page by changing the settings Hotmail
Skip MSN Today page - go directly to the Hotmail inbox
Sign in to your Hotmail account. When you get to the MSN Today page, scroll down to the link at the bottom of hard to describe the page and then click on it - refer to the image below.

In the next screen, you can choose between two options and choose "Ignore page today and took me straight to my inbox" is a no-brainer. Remember to click "Save" to confirm your choice and remove the MSN Today page.

Choose the second option - Skip page today and took me straight to my inbox - to get rid of the MSN Today page the next time you log.

Do you want to download Hotmail inbox immediately when you log into your account instead of MSN Today page? If so, you can quickly get rid of this ... in fact, remove it completely and give directly to your email list. By changing the setting Hotmail you can send the MSN Today page to "never never return to the land" and follow the steps on which we have been telling you to do it!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Some new features in Hotmail

To upgrade the Microsoft Hotmail service has added some new features similar to the features of Gmail in June 2010.
Then Hotmail has enabled and allows users to use the new features there, and there are some outstanding features like interactive menus, integrated Office Web Apps service, the ability of memory can store files attachment of up to 10 GB, and create and send photo album in your inbox.

Refer to the key features when reading the article below:
- In your mailbox move spam email:
If you want spam filter to thoroughly go Hotmail mailbox on Microsoft SmartScreen technology used in other Microsoft products like Outlook, Internet Explorer ...

- With only one click to clean up the mailbox.
When you finish deleting the emails or move emails to different items, and will have a scan tool through your deleted emails, and remind you, whether you like it or not in the future it is automatically applied Its action for all email.
You will not have to worry about size limitations when sending photos:
This is the ability to send large attachments when Hotmail attachments hon.Ke only 10MB storage limit but the new Hotmail will allow Buffalo to send data up to 10GB in a new email, by uploading the financial whether or photos to SkyDrive, a free web service that allows online storage to 25GB of Microsoft.
- Smart Filters

Hotmail Quick Views will sort and group email by content or sent to a list in your inbox.
- See all the conversations email
With the new chat interface, you can automatically group all emails sent and received on a specific topic within the same interface.

Open, view and edit documents right in inbox.
Now you can view and edit files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint without having to leave Hotmail. If you need to edit an attachment, Hotmail lets you do it right in your inbox without having to worry about download file or install software. You can even run the PowerPoint includes all animations and forwards.

– Share documents online and work together with others

Just like the way to share large photo albums, Hotmail lets you send large documents with other files via a link- up to 200 files, each file up to 50 MB- by storing online to avoid obstructing anyone inbox. And when sending from your Hotmail account, recipients can also use the free Web Apps of Microsoft Office for to view and edit your documents- regardless of any email services they used or any version of Microsoft Office they installed.

We have and will share a lot of interesting and useful articles needed for your life. Spend some time in the day to learn and know more about the features or that you did not know about hotmail.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Permanently delete your Hotmail account

Hotmail is an email service is quite popular in the past. but many users encounter annoying problem, and even charge for this service, however, it also has the features and utilities similar to other email services.

Therefore, there are many users who no longer want to use the account that they have because they are unhappy with the service. some users also sought to remove their Hotmail account, but there are some difficulties because it is a complicated process.

Below, I will share a simple and fast and guarantee details about how to delete your Hotmail account.

How to remove Hotmail account?

Step 1: Press want to remove after logging into your Hotmail account (Type in the username and password and click "Login").

Click "Account Settings" -> Select "Options"

Step 2: Next click on "detailed account" (password, address, time zone).

Step 3: The screen will display the Accounts table, select the "Security & password". Then drag it to the bottom and select "Close my account".

Step 4: The certificate of closing your account that appears, click "Next" to continue.

Step 5: Confirm account information and execute tasks table that appears then select all the boxes by clicking the bold squares and then click “Mark accounts for closure” to accept the information and go forward .

Step 6: Notice Board will check your account activities within 60 days from the date of closing. Click “Done” to delete.

Note: After 60 days of having removed your Hotmail account, the account will be permanently deleted.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

How to change Hotmail password

A Windows Live Hotmail e-mail service is free of charge by the companies Microsoft. Currently for millions of users around the world it is very common. Here we will guide you how to change Hotmail password to protect your account. Please read the following article:


Before changing beware and keep it secure password. We will discuss the issue Hotmail or forgotten passwords for Hotmail password recovery in the article below.
It will change your password all Windows Live services when you change the password for Hotmail
Take steps follow the instructions to change your hotmail account:

Step 1: Log into your Hotmail account in

Step 2: Click the profile picture in the upper right corner -> choose View Account.

Step 3: Select the Change password here

Next, you need to log in to your Hotmail account.

Step 4: Change the look of  Hotmail password, type your current password and new password 2 times that you want and select Save.

You can tick on the box beside“Make me change my password line every 72 days”: The system will alert you to change your password every 72 days after the date you change password.

Once receiving the message “Your password was changed on ……” your Hotmail password has been changed successfully and you can log in to your Hotmail with new password.