Sunday, July 17, 2016

Delete Hotmail Account 2016

Hotmail email id or the email id is Outlook is an email account sign up and free to use. For a reason that you don't want to use hotmail anymore and you want to delete it permanently, then consider few things and perform the steps below
When you permanently delete your Hotmail account, you will lose all your email, contacts and calendar. You need to be sure to keep all the personal information as well as the job before deleting your account permanently. 
Further, if you delete the Hotmail account that you will lose all your files from OneDrive, the information Office of the Microsoft login, take Skype and your Xbox and you can't get them back after a certain period of time. If you have money or credit in your Hotmail account, then you will lose it, you use up all the money before the reduction of the Hotmail account. 
Let people know where to contact you right now-after. When you delete the Hotmail account that you can set an automatic reply for mail users to you within 60 days. Create an automatic reply and tell people where you can contact more.
your product key of the device that you purchase, the application you have purchased will be removed after you delete a Hotmail email account. You will also lose all the information stored in Microsoft e-mail through Hotmail.
After reading and learn techniques for carefully the information that still want to permanently delete the Hotmail account, then follow the steps below: 
You first sign in to your Hotmail account 

Then you Click on the name or picture of you above the right corner of the screen, you enter the account settings section
Step 1: 
You will get into a Hotmail account setup page with many options. There will be a list of the tab with the name of "Home" to "your info" etc in the last tab in the list along there, "security and privacy" on it.
Step 2: 
There will be two options, to "account security" and "online safety" and "security account list has" more security options "click that.
Step 3: will ask you to verify through a security code. You will get the number of your mobile phone or your email. Enter the code when you receive.
On the security settings page, scroll down to the bottom side, you will see an option "close your account".

Step 4: would ask you to make sure your id Hotmail is ready to close. Click on the button next.

Step 5: 
You will be required to mark many check boxes require that you read and understand the consequences of deleting the account. And you will also be asked to answer why you want to delete your Hotmail account. Click next after you check all the boxes.

Step 6: 
A message will inform you can open your Hotmail account back within 60 days. Click done.
Step 7: 
Now your Hotmail account will be deleted. If you change your mind within the next 60 days, you can open it again. If not then your Hotmail e-mail will be permanently

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