Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Some new features in Hotmail

To upgrade the Microsoft Hotmail service has added some new features similar to the features of Gmail in June 2010.
Then Hotmail has enabled and allows users to use the new features there, and there are some outstanding features like interactive menus, integrated Office Web Apps service, the ability of memory can store files attachment of up to 10 GB, and create and send photo album in your inbox.

Refer to the key features when reading the article below:
- In your mailbox move spam email:
If you want spam filter to thoroughly go Hotmail mailbox on Microsoft SmartScreen technology used in other Microsoft products like Outlook, Internet Explorer ...

- With only one click to clean up the mailbox.
When you finish deleting the emails or move emails to different items, and will have a scan tool through your deleted emails, and remind you, whether you like it or not in the future it is automatically applied Its action for all email.
You will not have to worry about size limitations when sending photos:
This is the ability to send large attachments when Hotmail attachments hon.Ke only 10MB storage limit but the new Hotmail will allow Buffalo to send data up to 10GB in a new email, by uploading the financial whether or photos to SkyDrive, a free web service that allows online storage to 25GB of Microsoft.
- Smart Filters

Hotmail Quick Views will sort and group email by content or sent to a list in your inbox.
- See all the conversations email
With the new chat interface, you can automatically group all emails sent and received on a specific topic within the same interface.

Open, view and edit documents right in inbox.
Now you can view and edit files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint without having to leave Hotmail. If you need to edit an attachment, Hotmail lets you do it right in your inbox without having to worry about download file or install software. You can even run the PowerPoint includes all animations and forwards.

– Share documents online and work together with others

Just like the way to share large photo albums, Hotmail lets you send large documents with other files via a link- up to 200 files, each file up to 50 MB- by storing online to avoid obstructing anyone inbox. And when sending from your Hotmail account, recipients can also use the free Web Apps of Microsoft Office for to view and edit your documents- regardless of any email services they used or any version of Microsoft Office they installed.

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