Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Farewell, Hotmail: Microsoft previews, ending longtime webmail brand

"We will have a clean story through Microsoft to how you receive mail," Dharmesh Mehta Microsoft said. "By mail from Microsoft Outlook."

The move is the latest effort by Microsoft to combat the rise of Gmail. Hotmail has long been the largest webmail service in the world, but Google's email service has been climbing quickly. According to comScore Networks worldwide market share of Hotmail fell 4 percent in the last year, slipped to 324 million users in June, while Gmail increased 17 percent to 278 million users in the same time period, .

Hotmail for years was synonymous with spam, and although Microsoft has made significant progress on that front, the Hotmail brand continues to be hampered by a history that in the minds of many users.

The change from the Hotmail brand is part of a trend for Microsoft's online group, which also ended the use of the name "Windows Live" for its online services.

The emergence of Gmail emphasizes the role of services growing in shaping consumer technologies used by businesses. The development of Google Gmail helped intrusion in the online productivity applications, such as those who have a Google Account through the storage, handling documents and spreadsheet applications based on web search giant - poses a threat of serious competition Microsoft Office franchise profitable.

The new is more than a rebranding of Hotmail. I tested it out before the public view, and as someone who has frequently struggled with clutter of Hotmail interface, new experience was refreshing. The changes in the web interface starts with simple top menu bar provides a consistent way to access the various tools and commands. The rest of the interface has been cleaned and simplified.

Overall, feels more like an application than a web page - far from a new approach in the industry, but still a step up from Hotmail.


Users can chat with friends on Facebook and start calling on the services of the Microsoft Skype from within Integrated services with online storage service SkyDrive from Microsoft. Address book to connect to services such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn to create a universal directory of contacts of the user. The Word, Excel and PowerPoint web app is also integrated into for the opening and editing of documents.
Email, calendar and contacts from will sync with Windows 8 when people use a Microsoft account to sign in to the new version of Windows. Microsoft says interface should work well on different screen sizes, and the touch screen or keyboard.

The standard display ads in Hotmail has been replaced by the text-based ads in the right sidebar of can display when someone surfing on them - a new ad format Microsoft is launching. Microsoft said the ads will not appear on the given time when it does not make sense, such as when a user is reading or reply to a message from someone in their address book.

From a privacy perspective, Microsoft is also continuing its promised that algorithms will not use the contents of personal e-mail messages to help advertisers target, an area in which the company has sought to publicly pulled out of Google's advertising practices.
Users will have the option of switching to @ email address new public preview today launched, or they can keep their existing @hotmail or email address @live. They can still use the old Hotmail interface in the preview, but eventually Microsoft will upgrade the whole service.
"We really want a mail from Microsoft," Mehta said. "We think it is useful to simplify."


At the same time, he acknowledged the branding challenges faced by Hotmail. "For some people, it is not about," I'll have to "It is," I'll put on my resume @hotmail? ' ", He said. But when it comes to @, he added," people love the brand.

The company today launched a new email service called, which will replace Hotmail when it is released in its final form. The new interface tools, streamlined proven easier to use than Hotmail in my initial testing.

That was the end of an era for the famous (and sometimes infamous) Hotmail service. Hotmail Web-based e-mail pioneer before acquired by Microsoft in 1997. While the move to, Microsoft's online team will leverage the brand of software Outlook widely used by the company, while seeking to bring email service their consumers in the modern world of tablets, smartphones and other devices.
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