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Gmail from Google, Hotmail from Microsoft - A comparison of email services

Based on the comparison below, you will feel a lot of Gmail is hands-down winner ... and you may be right. But remember Hotmail has a large number of subscribers can be many times more than Gmail (Gmail view usage statistics for details). Anyway, let me know which of the services that you prefer.

Note: The Internet is a fast moving large "blob". The information presented here is accurate at the time of writing, but it certainly will change in the near future. If you discover an item that needs to be modified, please let me know via the feedback form at the bottom of the page.
Google and Hotmail - how they handle the launch
The launch of Google's Gmail and Hotmail are memorable in the history of the site, creating a lot of noise.

When Hotmail was announced on July 4, 1996 (American Independence Day), it is probably the first service provider of web-based email accounts for free which can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet-connected computer; launch date represents a "freedom" from ISP-based email. In less than 2 years, Hotmail has 8.5 million subscribers and was acquired by Microsoft for $ 400 million. Hotmail MSN Hotmail has been renamed and is now known as Windows Live Hotmail.
The launch of Gmail from Google on April 1, 2004 (April Fools) has actually been regarded as a silly joke by many because of the sheer size of the storage space on offer - 1GB (one gigabyte) - when the contest is offered only a small fraction (2 to 10MB) about that. In addition, Google launched Gmail gradually, through the use of invitation can be sent only to the prospects of the current account holder. In this way, companies can monitor and improve the services and avoid a big crash your web server by a surge of subscribers rushing in to sign up for a free email account.
Comparison - Gmail free email account from Google and Hotmail
Now let's start with the comparison, however, remember that many features can not be quantified, for example, "easy to use" or intuitiveness of the interface. In addition, the following list is in no way "completed". input and your suggestions are always welcome.

  • Hotmail Gmail Service
  • 7.2GB of storage space and increase daily 5GB
  • Attachment size 20MB 10MB
  • Email forwarding Have Only Hotmail account or other
  • POP access Yes No - but the upcoming (?)
  • Update: Free POP access Hotmail has started in some countries.
  • IMAP access Yes No
  • email can be downloaded? Gmail email can be downloaded via many popular email clients to download email from Hotmail account is only through Windows Live Mail. Hotmail in Outlook Express and Windows Mail has been discontinued or may be patchy.
  • Update: With POP access is not available, email Hotmail can be downloaded using any email program supports the Post Office Protocol
  • Folder to store spam Yes Yes
  • Autoreplies Yes Yes - autoreply vacation in Hotmail
  • Custom create folders No Yes - great for organizing your email. Read Hotmail folder for more information.
  • Filter Yes - Reference Gmail filter Yes
  • Themes - customize interface Yes - There Gmail themes - Learn more about how to personalize and customize the theme via Hotmail

  • Disable if not used 9 months 120 days
  • Rich-text email sectors Yes - also provide ASCII format on the basic HTML version Yes
  • Spellcheck Yes Yes
  • Anti-Virus to scan incoming messages Yes Yes - Trend Micro virus scan
  • Contact lists Yes Yes
  • Email signatures Yes - Learn how to create Gmail email signature Yes - Reference Signature Hotmail
  • Languages ​​supported 52 35
  • The version number 2 - Basic HTML for slower connections and standard version - more about Gmail version. first
  • Mobile access Yes Yes
  • Search email Yes Yes
  • Integration with other services there - key for multiple Google products Yes - your passport to services
  • Advertising on the interface Yes - No text ads - ads are mounted at the bottom of outgoing emails. Some users mentioned banner at the top to see ... Advertisers can target geography.
  • Ease of use there - although the concept of labels can be confusing at first there
  • Basic GUI layout and clarity Elegant
  • The name of the service Gmail - Google Mail in the UK and Germany Windows Live Mail (formerly known as MSN Hotmail)
  • There is a paid version? Yes - Google Enterprise Yes - Hotmail Plus
  • Thumbmail view images Yes Yes - well, sort of
  • File Storage - learn more about Gmail storage. Not

Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Hotmail are the web based service providers free email very popular in the world. Although Gmail is a relatively new (almost 8 years younger than Hotmail), it was able to collect a good amount of market share from the two leaders, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail - reference usage statistics Gmail for details.
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